WARP Asset Re-use - Service

WARP contains a suite of standard products and services that are immediately available for use and development by local authorities, councils and central government.

They have been specifically designed to enable Asset Re-Use and to help standard processes and workflow within each local organisation.

Site Access - Providing a range of access options to council/public sites, rooftops, office estate, buildings, cabinets, equipment rooms etc. - to provide collocation space, power, installation and maintenance services

Structure Access - A range of access options to street furniture, lighting columns, bridges, masts and towers - to provide access for wireless operators to enhance local wireless, mobile and 5G coverage

Fibre Services - Access to public sector fibre and duct networks, offering duct space and dark fibre options for organisations looking to invest in local fibre infrastructure

Optical Connect - A standardised high bandwidth service using optical equipment - suitable for very high bandwidth requirements within the region, ideal for serving businesses, enterprises, local authority WAN and Data-centres

Ethernet Connect - A standardised medium to high bandwidth service using industry standard ethernet connections - suitable for small, medium and large businesses, as well as local authority WANs and other business services

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