WARP Asset Re-use - Solution

Information is critical, and one of the key problems commercial players have when it comes to researching, designing and building gigabit connectivity is understanding what assets are already available, and how local authorities can make them available.

The problem is much wider than just agreeing wayleaves and road closure notices. Effective GIS mapping of assets and making these available via a secure portal to third parties means that everyone is much better informed about the location, nature and type of asset available. Standardising access to these assets across multiple local authorities means less work for the commercial operator, and a more streamlined and better understood process. This in turn will lead to more engagement and better, more thought-through commercial investment in the area.

WARP will:

  • Provide a single, standardised approach to the effective re-use of Public Sector assets in order to stimulate growth and competition
  • Enable different local authorities to develop best practices for the processes required to re-use assets
  • Enable full and detailed inventory and accurate GIS mapping of any asset
  • Share asset location and inventory details across multiple Local Authority areas to enable collaboration and provide a “single view” of Public Sector capabilities in a region, or nationally
  • Enable automated Enquiry, Quote and Order processes for accessing any asset
  • Manage the capacity and availability of assets such as space and power (for masts, lamp posts etc.) and fibre/duct, including usage of fibres
  • Provide an underlying, fully functioning OSS/BSS solution to monitor, manage & maintain active networks where local authorities choose to implement – including Carrier Class processes such as Ticketing, Provisioning, Management
  • Allow flow through provisioning for bandwidth requests so that Provision/Activation can be automated as much as possible, removing room for error and speeding up the process
  • Enable effective design and documentation of future network/asset expansions integrated to the GIS system for ease and visibility

Of key importance is the understanding and automation of the key local processes that often delay commercial investment projects. Processes such as:

  • Wayleaves
  • Section 106 notices
  • Access to buildings
  • Permissions for lamp post use

Having ready access to maps of Public Sector assets, including fibre/duct networks means that unnecessary civils works will be avoided, and wayleave processes will be more streamlined. The system will also be capable of demonstrating where there is demand in a given area for connectivity, so Service Providers can use this information along with the available Public Sector asset info to tailor their network design.

Adding in mapping data on relevant Public Sector buildings, key business and residential areas will enable more effective and scalable commercial investment. Making more effective use of Public Sector fibre/Duct assets will help the business case for third party investment by reducing overall civils costs where they overlap with the Public Sector fibre.

The solution will not only provide automated ordering, but also help local councils develop the important, standard processes they need to allow access to their assets. These processes can then be shared across other councils and Public Sector bodies to ensure standard access, and ensure that third parties who wish to use council assets are not hindered by having to spend extra time and resource understanding how each council operates.

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