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Rollout manager

The Rollout Manager module is a comprehensive set of functionalities that helps rollout personnel to plan, manage, and track end-to-end site deployment processes including tower builds, outbound collocation, site upgrades, and terminations with minimal cost and time. The module has been designed with a focus on effortless and efficient contract management of tower build and outbound colocation arrangements.

GIS & mapping

WARP provides a web-based asset register, including advanced position maps, schematic diagrams, topologies and asset data. It supports key business processes such as planning and design, construction, operation and maintenance, all in one system. On-the-fly coordinate transformations and advanced map handling.

Asset management

The documented network provides an excellent foundation for managing different kinds of assets, both passive and active. WARP provides an integrated solution to manage them all.

Network analysis

One of the strengths of WARP is that it creates an accurate topology of the network including vital characteristics of the fibres or cables. With this data as a base, important questions can be answered, even in the early design phase, for example:

  • Reachability and access analysis: What sites may be accessed from any given point in the network?
  • Capacity analysis: What spare capacity remains in the network that can be made available for new subscribers?
  • Finding redundant paths: Is there more than one way to reach from A to B?
  • Attenuation calculations: What is the signal strength at a certain point (e.g. after taking fiber characteristics, fiber lengths, patches and splices into account)?

Network maintenance

WARP can automatically generate the work flow activities and work orders for the maintenance inspections. When an inspection activity is planned it can be grouped with other inspections based on the geographic localization and efficient inspection routes can be automatically generated. Inspection questionnaires, geographic information, route information as well as layout information can be downloaded to a mobile client. If the client is GPS enabled, the downloaded map will include the current geographical position and inspection objects will automatically come up as active objects when its position has been reached.

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